SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

You may or may not have heard of SEO before.

Basically it stands for Search Engine Optimisation – getting your website found by the search

There are many tweaks we can make to your website to ensure this happens such as checking for missing pages, checking for broken links within and external to your site, and also to ensure your website is fully optimised for mobile and tablet viewing.

Hand with pen pointing at pie chart onscreen

There are also keywords you can use that are particular to your industry that will make you
more visible to potential online customers.

The important thing to remember when using keywords is they must appear natural when being used. If you try to ‘stuff’ keywords and phrases into your content your audience will detect there is something afoot and question your authenticity as well as Google penalising you for producing poor quality work.

SEO is not a quick fix solution for your website , but,  if executed correctly, it can build
strong business relationships with online traffic.

Need help in producing high quality,  optimised content for your business?

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