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Do you need an SEO copywriter to create compelling content for your website or a freelance writer to give your words an extra lift?

My SEO writing specialisms include:

  • Digital Marketing content, where I will create words that will increase your search visibility on Google, direct more traffic to your website or blog, and increase your conversion rates.
  • Writing optimised content for websites that allows them to get noticed by Google and directs more customers to your products and services.
  • Writing optimised content for social media platforms that raises a company’s visibility and interactions with the target audience.
  • Providing optimised B2B writing for emails and online course tutorials.

As an SEO Copywriter my goals for you are to:

  • Increase visitor numbers to your websites
  • Ensure content keeps visitors engaged
  • Increase email subscribers and conversions

My specialist SEO areas in more detail:

Blog Writing: I’ll create well-written blog posts that will get your website noticed with Google. I love to blog. Have a look at my blog posts on this website to see the type of content I could create for you.

SEO: I offer SEO copywriting services. This involves me using the technique of search engine optimisation, or SEO, to create content on your website that users are searching for. Again, this will increase visitor numbers to your website.

Social Media Writing: I’ll get your social media posts, tweets and profiles noticed with strong, relevant and engaging copy on all social media platforms.

Copywriting: Do you need copy that converts? I can create B2B content for any section of a  website that converts visitors into customers.

Video: Fully optimised videos of your products.

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