Google Analytics

Presenting and using your content professionally and effectively is one thing but lets say your website isn’t converting the traffic that visits it into customers.

How is it possible to put this situation right and know here the changes need to be made?

This is where you need to understand the metrics used in an analytics package such as Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a widely used piece of software that links into a website’s code or backend

Woman analysing figures on tablet

Google Analytics allows you to:

  • Check which pages are working and those that are not
  • Analyse how long users stay on your website
  • Review which pages users come in on and the points at which they exit your site
  • Review which keywords lead people to your website and the ones they use as they move internally between your pages
  • Check which countries and locations users access your site from
  • Create easy to access charts where you can visualize and access your data from a centralised dashboard
  • Check which devices people access your site from

Remember  if you cant measure what people are doing on your website then how can you make improvements and adjustments to it going forward?