Are you paying attention? Good, because in today’s world you’ve a limited amount time to make an impression to the  visitors to your website.

Modern technology has to some extent rewired the way we think. Most people now want their information to be served up in bite sized chunks which makes it even more important that the words used on your webpages catch the attention of potential prospects quickly.

This is why copywriting is in such demand.

The art of good copywriting is essentially getting a potential prospect to take an action based on the words that are written on a page. Using words as powerful calls to action on your webpage is like having a sales person representing your business 24/7.

Get this right and there is a better chance of converting web traffic into users of your service. Get it wrong and you could be missing out on sales.

The following is a list of the copywriting services we offer at Digital Connect Now

Website Content

Sales Pages


Press Releases

Managing the content on your social media communication

Blogging posts

Email Communication.

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