How can blogging help your business?

Before we can answer the question we need to first understand what blogging is.

Blogging is essentially writing about topics that you feel may interest your audience.

It has evolved into two distinct areas:

  1. Personal Blogs – covering everything from hobbies to pet care to fashion.
  2. Blogging for business – this has more of a focus on anything to do with specific areas of business. For example, if your a plumber you may have a blog describing features of a plumbing system that needs to be checked with the onset of winter. Alternatively, if you’re a driving instructor you might write a blog feature on road safety.

Although the main goals with both personal and business blogging is to inform and engage with readers, there is a secondary outcome of producing freshly written content on a regular basis.

Creating this new content on your website is important as it means you’ll have a better chance of being found more easily when people search for you on Google.

Also, the more you blog about your area of expertise, the more people will see you as the ‘go to’ person when they encounter any problems or issues.

Your blog post will also have an infinite shelf life as whatever is written about your company will remain on the Web.

With this in mind it is important to include all contact details with whatever blog post you upload so readers can easily contact you.

You can also make it easy for as many people as possible to get access to your content. There are a variety of tools that exist which allow you to share your blog posts with as many people as possible.

So if the act of creating a blog and writing posts is so important , why do some businesses shy away from producing this type of content for their websites?

Well, it could well be that if you’re a small business owner the last thing you may want to be contemplating after a day’s work is creating a well researched article 1000 word article.

Or it may be the fact that you’re not the world’s best writer and the thought of creating a two or three page blog post fills you with dread.

However, if you think blogging’s not for your business, then the following stats may convince you otherwise:

Websites that have blogs tend to have 434% more indexed pages

(Source – Business2Community)

This is an important stat for SEO as indexed pages have been rated and checked by the search engines meaning your pages are more likely to be found by potential customers.

Blogging brands also get 97% more SEO-boosting incoming links to their sites than non-blogging brands do.

(Source: Business2Community)

Business 2 Business marketers who use blogs get 67% more leads than those who do not


Blogs have also been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

(Source: SearchEnginePeople)

So, there are the facts and stats about blogs.

There is no doubting today that having a well researched and well written blog integrated into your site can give your business a competitive advantage.