My online journey began back in the 1990’s when I first started to use the Internet .

Back then in the Web’s early days companies and individuals found it a major challenge transferring content on to this new platform. Even when they did manage to set up a presence there were very few tools available to them to help promote their websites.

Today, however, it has never been as easy to set up a website using a platform such as WordPress and promote it using the vast range of social media channels that are now available.

In my experience, however, the problem that many small businesses owners now face is they do not have the time or resources to build and maintain an online presence themselves. And even if they do, more often than not they do not promote the fact they are online.

Research would seem to confirm these observations. For example, the results of a study carried out amongst a sample of 500 small businesses in Ireland in 2017 by the IE Domain Registry’s (IEDR), found that:

A quarter of Irish SME’s had no digital presence (website,app or social media channel).
This despite the fact that 68% of Irish consumers felt that a business looks outdated without a digital presence.

Only 37% of SMEs with websites promote their business online.
Of these, only 7%, use an analytics program to check the journey of each customer through their websites.

These are the gaps in the market that Digital Connect Now was set up to service.
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