Welcome to Digital Connect Now!

Using the power of Digital Marketing and SEO copywriting services to connect businesses to online customers.

My name is Pat Hughes and I am the owner of digital marketing and SEO agency, Digital Connect Now.

I am a Digital Marketer and SEO Copywriter by profession.

The goal of my agency is to show small businesses how effective digital and content marketing can be in driving online customers to a company’s website and social media channels, with the ultimate aim of increasing sales.

Integral to all this is the ability to be able create SEO optimized content that will be picked up by the search engines. In using the words ‘picked up’ here we are of course  talking about getting a website into the top 10 of the Google search engines results page or SERP for short.

Why choose to work with me?

Well I have extensive experience in delivering digital marketing and SEO copywriting services to companies both in the private and public sector.

Back in the late nineties I worked on a motor car magazine for local newspapers writing sales copy for each of the car ads the magazine carried.

I then moved into the education space where I set up an IT training company. Here, in addition to training customers in a variety of applications and web based tools, I also designed my own training manuals and provided them to students who used them alongside the courses.

From here I joined a major educational certification body where my job was to review and edit all the courseware content used in conjunction with each of the courses.

In recent years I have worked in the digital and social media space managing content for a local council across a range of digital platforms.

I used the principles of SEO copywriting in this role to attract more visitors to the Council’s website.

Everything I learned about content and marketing across my entire career has now been distilled into my digital marketing and SEO agency, Digital Connect Now.

Click here to contact me and learn more about the digital marketing and SEO writing services I can offer you to help promote your business.